A project for people to actually connect with people.

Imagine connecting with someone in five minutes more than you would in five years. 

We would all like to live in a world where people are free of judgement and stereotypes. It’s not going to happen for a while. When you talk, people react with micro expressions. Your appearance, body language & the clothes you wear have a direct impact on the way people communicate with you.

Since February 2011 we have introduced over 4,500 people blindfolded in every place you can think. Remove sight and you listen more. No faces frowning, smiles or judgements distracting you and the person you are communicating with. The subject of your interaction and the message within it is heightened. People connect at a deeper level. It is consistently incredible. 

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We are here to raise awareness of implicit and explicit misconceptions in society, and lay the foundation for acceptance, understanding, and cooperation among humans of different ages, races, genders, disabilities, and sexual preferences. This website is your source for the latest icebreaker methods, psychology articles and new endeavors to help you get inspired!

What are the benefits?

As a blindfolder

Introducing people with sightless icebreakers can help you strengthen group cohesion amongst teams, classrooms and peers. The lack of judgmental glances, distractions and body language invites even the most timid members to participate

The act of randomly introducing complete strangers can give you confidence when approaching new people and provide the opportunity to make friends in the process.

Have an event with a specific theme/ cause? Introduce your attendants with sightless introductions and provide questions that prompt discussion relating to the cause/purpose of the event.

As a participant

You may gain a heightened sense of self awareness, participate in active listening, have a stereotype or two shattered and meet someone new.

We keep pushing the limits of blindfolding because it never ceases to amaze us. 

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Michael Diaz

Founder and Facilitator








Joshua Moussa
-UCF Ambassador

Director of Research and Development






Joseph Almeida

-FAU Ambassador

Director of Public Relations