Introducing People Blindfolded is a Thing of Beauty

Group or Individuals

You can facilitate a blindfolded conversation between two strangers, two people you know or you can introduce groups of people. It is ok if the participants know each other, by removing visual distractions and reactions, people communicate and connect more freely. 

Basics of Facilitation

The Blindfold prep

  1. Cut standard pieces of paper in half
  2. Fold each half sheet so that the width is one inch shorter (leave enough room to see the participant’s temples)
  3. Tape the paper to the temples on each side of the face
  4. If working with a large group, have helpers premake blindfolds face down that are ready to be used quickly.

Note: Improperly applied blindfolds distract participants who are worried about it falling off. The more skin that the tape hits, the better.

Wrap Up

  1. Its nearing the end of the participants patience or allotted time
  2. Ask them to hold up with their fingers how many more questions they are willing to answer
  3. Once done, ask them one final question “Close your eyes and vocalize what you think the other person looks like, hair color, skin tone, eyes, height outfit”
  4. You can never know a persons appearance from their personality – inversely reinforcing that you can never know a person’s personality from they appearance. 

Types of Facilitation

Free Form – 2 people max

  1. OK, you have 5- 10 minutes to both answer questions that you switch off asking each other.
  2. We will notify you when you hit the halfway mark.
  3. Try to rest your eyes for the full experience 

Focused discussion

  1. OK, you have 5-10 min to converse. 
  2. Assign 3 questions for two person introduction or for a group ask one question and have each participant answer, then ask another question.
  3. We will notify you when you hit the halfway mark.
  4. Try to rest your eyes for the full experience